Biblical Animality after Jacques Derrida

Biblical Animality after Jacques Derrida

2018 | ISBN: 0884142973, 1628372125 | English | 218 Pages | PDF | 6 MB

A new theoretical and exegetical angle on the Bible and animal studies

According to Genesis, humans are made in God's image but animals are not. Hannah M. Str?mmen challenges this view by critiquing the boundary between humans and animals in the Bible through the work of philosopher Jacques Derrida. Building on Derrida's The Animal That Therefore I Am, Str?mmen brings to light significant moments where the lines between the divine, human, and animal are ambiguous in a rich range of biblical texts, from Noah as the first carnivorous man in Genesis 9 to Revelation's beasts.


A contribution to research on Jacques Derrida and deconstruction
An examination of Derrida's work on the human/animal boundary
Critical engagement with the way the Bible is frequently held up as a point of blame for anthropocentrism


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